EVD represents selective brands in the power business. Our partners are among the most reputed solution providers in their segments, with solid presence across the region.

  • Maintain, repair and overhaul industrial gas turbine engines
  • Advanced tooling and equipment, cellular production design for flexibility, automated clean line, advanced inspection capabilities, and extensive crane & balancing capacity.
  • Testing Industrial gas turbines of different sizes
  • Quick change-out system enabling reduced engine testing turnaround times, advanced engine control and monitoring systems and a controlled lay-down and preparation area.
  • Sales, service and technical guidance for operators of different engines and packages. Service and parts sales are available around the world. A comprehensive network of suppliers ensures that customers have access to a wide range of parts at competitive prices.
  • Offers a complete line of new and refurbished parts, and works with the customer to provide the best solution.
EVD teamed up with international leaders in the sector to address the renewable energy emerging field and its evolving needs. Together with our partners, we are geared to serve the region with the most up-to-date technologies and expertise that are highly required to meet the current and future environmental & economical challenges.

EVD teamed up with international EPC contractors, developing new plants or expanding the capacity of existing facilities.

Optimizing the performance of a power-generating facility requires a conscientious application of technical expertise, advanced related technology combined with business acumen. Our partners focus on the fundamentals – safety, reliability, compliance and cost; striving to operate your plant efficiently and seeking in the process continuous improvement.