About Us

Energy Ventures & Development EVD”, a consultancy & commercial agencies company, operating in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia. EVD is a member company of a prominent group of companies that started its activities in 2007 & accomplished with great success spectacular growth in a relatively short period; gaining in the process a remarkable reputation with both our clients and principals.

Today, EVD operates from its Head Office in Beirut, Lebanon with branches & liaison offices throughout the region.

EVD’s range of services & products spans across four principal sectors: Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, Power & Waste Management.

EVD proudly built a business development & support services bridge between major global companies and regional clients, thus establishing the ultimate business platform to liaise international expertise & technologies with the region’s growing demand.

Our Vision

We constantly challenge ourselves to become regional leaders, recognized for the introduction of innovative, competitive and hi-end solutions. EVD IS A REGIONAL COMPANY WITH A GLOBAL REACH.

EVD’s four pillars of success:

  • International standard of professionalism
  • Strong grip on the regional business culture
  • Uncompromised business ethics
  • Full commitment to Social responsibility

We pride ourselves in being robust and reliable partners; targeting excellence across our business ventures with both our clients and principals.

Our Mission

We are geared & committed to provide through our wide spectrum of Manufacturers, Consultants, Traders & Contractors, top quality material, equipment, services and solutions. Hence, fulfilling the requirements of our clients, spanning throughout a varied range of fields: oil and gas upstream, refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants, infrastructure developments, waste treatment & management…

We provide our International & regional partners a 360-degree approach, from market research, analysis, segmentation & clients’ identification within both the government & private sectors, sales & promotion, technical & logistical support, to all required “post-sales” services.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

EVD is actively involved in non-financial programs & activities, promoting greater economic, social and environmental sustainability values, within our communities. Social responsibility is an engaging goal for EVD’s Management and Team, through all our business endeavors.

Code of Ethics

EVD is dedicated to upholding high ethical principles throughout our operations, both in practice and in spirit. Our Code of Business ethics is a product of our commitment to comply with the law and to conduct our business ethically while reinforcing our values of trust, respect, dignity and honesty.

EVD’s internal Team and external parties we work with, are made well aware of our Code of Ethics that is constantly audited at all fronts.